Satin Nickel was formed in 2017, a collaboration between Morgan Hollingsworth and Samantha Aneson--two songwriters who met while studying Theatre at the University of California, Irvine. They began writing together after relocating to NYC and found a musical spark. After creating a catalog of music, ranging in styles from Folk to Blues to Indie, they played a couple shows together, cementing their passion for the project. The following winter, they met future bandmates Nikola Balaç (Drums) and Ariana Karp (Cello), and, after a couple months of rehearsing, they recorded their debut EP and began playing venues in Brooklyn.

Their sound has been described by fans as both "raucous" and "vulnerable and beautiful," "soulful," and "sexy." Look out for Satin Nickel in the NYC summer concert circuit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.